• When does the course start and when does it end?

    The first class launches Monday, January 6th, 2020. A new class launches weekly every Monday. The final class is Monday April 6th, 2020.

  • How long does it take to participate in LFA per week?

    Depending on how deep you dive into this class be prepared to spend 2 hours on listening and doing homework a week.

  • How long is each weeks lesson available to view?

    Living Fully Alive has been designed to be an emotionally engaging course that takes each participant on an extensive journey. Because of this, it’s necessary for each student to be consistently active and up to date on each weeks lesson. In order for us to ensure this happens, and to help our students get the most out of the experience, each weeks video will be available for up to two weeks after its initial launch. During this period, students may view these videos as often as they would like. After two weeks the video will be taken down until the end of the 14 weeks. At the end of the 14 weeks all videos will be put back up for 2 more weeks for the purpose of a final review of the course. At the end of this review, all content will be discontinued. (None of the material in this course is available for download and is only available during the 16-week time period of the course.) We have found that this model maximizes breakthrough. As an added bonus, each week’s lesson will be available in audio format for the entirety of the course.

  • Is the course online or do I need to be at a location?

    You can watch this course anywhere at anytime! It's entirely online. All you have to do is go to www.stumvollconsulting.com, sign in with the account information that you used to sign up with and you have immediate access to your course material as it releases weekly.

  • Do you offer a certificate of completion for this course?

    We do, however the spots have been filled for this option and it is no longer available for this round of LFA

  • Will there be exams?

    The answer is no...and kinda yes... For those that simply sign up for the course only, there will be homework, but this is self managed. For those that sign up for the mentorship portion, a consultant will be going over your homework, checking to see how well you're ingesting the material, and confirming that you're completing it.

  • Is there a discount for my husband/wife if we do the course together?

    Yes, there was, but our limited available spots for this option have been filled this year.

  • Can my friends all pitch in for this course and share it amongst each other?

    According to our terms of agreement policy, this course is meant to be purchased and viewed by one purchaser only. Any sharing or distribution of the material within this course is in violation of this policy and accounts found in violation of these terms are subject to cancellation without a refund.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Due to the nature of the material being a digital medium, after the starting date of January 6th 2020 we do NOT offer refunds on the course for any reason, whether due to falling behind on the homework or video lessons, financial hardships, or natural disasters. This is a non-negotiable term outlined in the terms of agreement signed at the purchasing of the course.